Orangescrum "as is" is complete, well-made, structured, efficient and strong. But, what really makes me believe in this platform is the "to be". Orangescrum is a promise of the best platform on the market with 'get-your-work-done' add-ons. I believe that the team behind of this project has a unique and very clear vision of the need of its customers, and at the same time is concerned to ensure an intelligently adaptation to technological developments of the market. The logical project mapping routes within the Orangescrum helped us save around 15-20% of time, almost every day.

Maintaining a logical understanding of the project before the orangescrum was a task that was time consuming. With orangescrum this is not a concern.

Pedro Objective


I looked for a project management solution because we needed efficiency. After testing several market solutions including Trello and asana as well as other open source solutions we realized that some of these platforms try to be too simple. However, given the simplicity, meant increased stress on the Organizer/Manager/Owner of the project in understanding the logic evolution of project.

I tried a lot on the Internet, I tested several project management platforms until I found out orangescrum. The fact that I have tested and used several market platform helps me understand and realize how much Orangescrum is great for our agency. The barrier I encountered have been overcome with the support of orangescrum team, through the provision of add-ons, which completes and makes the system more robust.

Pedro Troubles


Orangescrum's attention to product requests and questions is outstanding. There are many features (including subtasks and printable gantt charts) which have been exciting and very helpful features for our clients.

We Chose orangescrum because of Orangescrum's rapid response to our questions and concerns as we were testing out system. We appreciate the support and truly feel like we have a partner assisting us with our project management system.

Orangescrum support is one of the best you will see. As soon as we suggested some enhancement, they were able to implement it in quick time. This gave us the confidence that for any kind of enhancement we have, Orangescrum team will get it done.

I was surprised by your Gantt-Chart Add-on it is amazing, with an astonishing design, and a unique way to interact with the project. You reinvented the platform. In other words, it's perfect.Start organizing your team tasks in with Gantt, Invoice and New add-ons.

Pedro Solution


Orangescrum ensure over my projects in a way I did not find in any other platform. I have a great feeling about the evolution of the platform and new feature add-ons, Congratulation to all team.
Pedro Msipa
Pedro Artur Oliveira Gestor de clientes (Manager)
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