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Develop a full understanding of your project goals, objectives and benefits before committing significant resources.Save time, effort and money.

Orangescrum Project Management Software
is now available in 9 Languages.

9 Languages

Orangescrum Editions at a Glance!

Orangescrum Editions at a Glance!

and yes! WE get noticed! because of YOU!

Orangescrum has been repeatedly ranked among the Top 5 Opensource Project Management Tools by Popular Technology Sources.
  • Pedro's Success Story
    Pedro Artur Oliveira Gestor de clientes (Manager) | CAIXA, Lda.

    Maintaining a logical understanding of the project before the Orangescrum was a task that was time consuming. With Orangescrum this is not a concern.

  • Bala's Success Story
    Bala Consultant | IPneeti

    We used MS Excel for managing time log, now, we don't! We use Orangescrum's timelog feature to manage time. Further, we no more use MS word to export our invoices. We do it in a click :)

  • Anil's Success Story
    Anil Kumar CEO, Saral Technologies

    OrangeScrum made our project management tasks and timesheets so much easier and support provided by team is awesome.

  • Jamie's Success Story
    Jamie Smith Director of Marketing Automation, SFCG, Texas, USA

    Orangescrum simplifies the process of project management for our organization with its power collaboration tools. We couldn't be happier with Orangescrum!

  • Khululekani's Success Story
    Khululekani Director | Thebe Media Solutions | South Africa

    By having a central tool for managing both my clients and project and also the ability to streamline business processes to match the goals of the company and deliver within budget and timelines, is the best thing a company can do.

  • Sadanand's Success Story
    Sadanand Suresh Walte Delivery Head, Technex Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune, India.

    OrangeScrum helped us to be highly effective with - People & tasks planning, Tracking and Communication and updates with the complete team, Tracking of all projects,Resource utilization & Documentation management

  • Brent's Success Story
    Brent Kerr CEO, Kewico GmbH

    I work with Freelancers to get the CAD jobs done. Orangescrum provided me with a way for them to track and bill their time directly using in the project they are working on. This saves me a lot of administrational work. At the end of the month I just need to create the invoice for my customer

  • Kuda's Success Story
    Kuda Msipa CEO Cutmec Group, Bristol, United Kingdom

    The most beautiful thing about Orangescrum is easy in its approach which makes it a lot simpler to use. Orangescrum makes a complicated project way easier to run within my team.

What You get

Orangescrum and YOU! Unlimited Benefits!
100% Data Ownership

Business owners and executives need to pay close attention to what data their companies are sharing, with whom. With OrangeScrum, all your data is protected within your premises.

Simplified Project Management

Almost everything you do in the workplace is a project, from the smallest task to the largest endeavor. All of this work can benefit from OrangeScrum.

Create and Manage Unlimited Projects, Tasks and Users

Success comes when organizations consider the unique needs of the organization's departments and/or project teams. OrangeScrum helps you aligns it all.

Robust Resource and Task Planning

Detailed schedule information and resource availability allows project leads to plan assign future activities and provides a clear picture of your resource requirements.

Quick File Sharing - DropBox and Google Drive

Reduce barriers between departments and teams by providing access to important documents and files. Organize your data storage for efficient collaboration.

Improve Project Delivery

Accelerates project delivery time and ensures your projects are delivered within time and on budget while maintaining the quality.

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