Installation and Configuration Guide for
Orangescrum Community Edition

Orangescrum is a free, open source, flexible project management web application written using CakePHP.

Get ready to start with the Orangescrum community version with these quick installation steps. Few simple steps to start using Orangescrum in your premises. This procedure is well tested on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Last Updated: 25th May, 2016
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  1. Step 1:-Requirements

    Apache with 'mod_rewrite'

    PHP 5.3 or higher

    • Enable curl in php.ini
    • Enable MySQL extension in php.ini file by uncommenting the below line if it is commented. extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll For Linux users run the below command. yum install php-pdophp-mysqli After that restart the Apache server using below command. httpd restart
      apachectl restart
    • Change the 'post_max_size' and 'upload_max_filesize'to 200Mb in php.ini

    MySQL 4.1 or higher

    • If STRICT mode is On, turn it Off.
  2. Step 2:-Installation

    Extract the archive. Upload folder (orangescrum-master) to your working directory.
    • Provide proper write permission to " app/tmp ", " app/webroot " and " app/Config " folders and their sub folders. chmod -R 0777 app/Config
      chmod -R 0777 app/tmp
      chmod -R 0777 app/webroot

      You can change the write permission of "app/Config" after installation procedure is completed.

    • Make sure that, there are three .htaccess files. One in the root directory, another in the "app" directory and the last one is in the "app/webroot" directory.
    • Make sure that, the .htaccess is working in your server. For UBUNTU users if .htaccess is not working, please follow below steps
      • Open this file and edit vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.Add this below file ( AllowOverride All instead of AllowOverride None). <Directory /var/www/html/orangescrum-master/>
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride All
        Require all granted
      • Save the file and restart the Apache service.
      • Enable this module and restart the Apache service. sudo a2enmod rewrite
        sudo a2enmod headers
        service apache2 restart

    Create a new MySQL database named "orangescrum"(`utf8_unicode_ci` collation).

    Get the database.sql file from the root directory and import that to your database.

    Locate your 'app' directory, do the changes on following files as mentioned below;

    1. app/Config/database.php

      • We have already updated the database name as "Orangescrum" which you can change at any point. In order to change it, just create a database using any name and update that name as database in DATABASE_CONFIG section. And also you can set a password for your Mysql login which you will have to update in the same page as password. [Required]
    2. app/Config/constants.php

      • Provide your valid "SMTP_UNAME" and "SMTP_PWORD". For SMTP email sending you can use (Only one at a time) either Gmail or Sendgrid or Mandrill. By default we are assuming that you are using Gmail, so Gmail SMTP configuration section is uncommented. If you are using Sendgrid or Mandrill just comment out the Gmail section and uncomment the Sendgrid or Mandrill configuration section as per your requirement. [Required]
      • "FROM_EMAIL_NOTIFY" All the task created/updated notification email will be sent from this Email ID.
      • "SUPPORT_EMAIL" All other Emails and support related Emails will be sent from this Email ID.

    Once you have applied all the steps mentioned above you're all set to start with Orangescrum community as from your browser.

  3. you will be asked to provide your "Company Name", "Email Address" and a "Password" to Login and start using Orangescrum.
  4. Step 3:-Cron Job Settings (Linux Server)

    Update your application url in define('DOMAIN', ") in the "app/Config/constants.php".

    Below are the 4 Cron Jobs to set on a Linux server ,

    (Assuming your Application is in " /var/www/html/orangescrum/ ")

    1. 0 23 * * * php q   /var/www/html/orangescrum/app/webroot/cron_dispatcher.php   /cron/email_notification
      • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Task Status update email in the "Email Reports" section of Orangescrum.
    2. */15 * * * * php q   /var/www/html/orangescrum/app/webroot/cron_dispatcher.php /cron/  dailyupdate_notifications
      • Daily Update Reports in the "Email Reports" section of Orangescrum
    3. */15 * * * * php -q   /var/www/html/orangescrum/app/webroot/cron_dispatcher.php /cron/  dailyUpdateMail
      • Daily Catch Up Email Alert
    4. */30 * * * * php q   /var/www/html/orangescrum/app/webroot/cron_dispatcher.php /cron/  weeklyusagedetails
      • Weekly Usage report of your account

Last Updated: 25th May, 2016

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