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Orangescrum Enterprise open source time tracking tool tracks the actual vs estimated time of project with automated timer to get more focus to real work. It easily marks the billable and non-billable hours with Time Tracking Add-on in a click.

Built-in Timer

Track billable hours, actual vs estimated time at the project or task level

A quick guide to open source time tracking

Time management is a crucial component to a happy, productive, and opportunity-filled life - here's everything you need to know about how to hone it to your own benefit.

What is time tracking ?

Time tracking is the process of tracking and recording the time that everyone within your company spends working.

Companies can use monitoring software to understand what employees are doing during work hours, which can be used to create client invoices and pay hourly staff or freelancers.

Many different businesses use time tracking in some way. You can find many examples of this across a plethora of industries, from construction to digital agencies, from software developers to landscaping companies.

Time tracking provides a number of benefits to businesses. These benefits will be discussed in the following points.

The major benefits of time tracking

Efficient workflows and spending time on activities that don’t move the company forward might be costing you.

And an efficient time tracking could help business to streamline their workflow.

The benefits are:

  • Stop leaking revenue and bill clients more accurately
  • Increase transparency and trust
  • Improve productivity
  • Create better project estimates

So that you and your team don’t waste a ton of time with back-and-forth, you’ll need to do a little homework upfront so that you can give a ball-park estimate to your prospective client.

If the estimate comes out to be inaccurate, there won’t have been a blame game because you did your homework upfront.

Popular time tracking methods

We have come a long way from punching a paper time card into a central time clock.

The popular methods for project management are:

  • Paper timesheets or spreadsheets
  • Swipe card systems
  • Time tracking software
  • Geofencing systems

Time tracking software allows you to automatically track your employees’ time! A standalone solution or part of project management or accounting software, their app can be perfect for you.

How to choose time tracking software

Ready to give the new software a try? There are three main factors you should pay attention to when choosing a time tracking tool:

  • ease of use
  • ease of installation
  • and affordable price

How Orangescrum can help you track time

Orangescrum provides 4 ways to schedule time tracking, time entry, daily and weekly sheet. You can track the time on the task list pages, task details, and schedule.

The benefits always outweigh the efforts required to implement and follow the best time tracking practices.

It is not about being ahead of others or demonstrating control; rather the ability to

  • Eliminate chaos and distractions
  • Perform optimally
  • Deliver quality outcomes
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Pursue activities that matter the most

How to use time tracking data to improve performance ?

With an understanding of how time tracking software works, let’s take a look at the specific advantages you’ll get from the data Orangescrum provides.

    1. Better understand your team’s roles
    2. Pick the right people for the job
    3. Put together a process
    4. Know which employees are the most efficient
    5. Setting a baseline

How to get employee buy-in for implementing time tracking ?

With this knowledge, how can you chose the right tool, and how to make the most of your time tracking software, it’s time to bring it to your team.

It's not uncommon for time trackers to be already in use, so it's always a good idea to get all of your team on board with using one new software instead.

Other times, it’s all-new, and you need to onboard your team appropriately in order to ensure engagement.

Get started with better time tracking today

By following these steps and finding the appropriate time tracker for you,

  • Avoid unnecessary revenue leaks
  • Increase transparency between teams
  • Improve overall productivity
  • Create more accurate estimates and increase profitability

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According to Gartner 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience this year. Don't get caught

With Orangescrum open source enterprise resource management software real time resource allocation and forecasting made possible. Interactive resource planning deliver projects on time or ahead of time and gain Higher Customer Satisfaction with Resource Management Add-on.

Real-Time Resource Allocation & Availability Forecasting

See current & future available resources based on task allocation.

Open source resource management - A quick guide

For resource managers, open source resource management is important, its best practices should be followed, tutorials are available to help you get started, and you'll find the best resources in one place here.

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Orangescrum today

According to Gartner 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience this year. Don't get caught

Orangescrum open source enterprise schedule management tool helps in visualizing tasks progress in a single timeline view and create dependencies between tasks from an interactive Gantt. Communication, collaboration and scheduling of task in your team effortlessly at one place.

Simplified Schedule Management

Visualize tasks progress in a single timeline view and create dependencies between tasks from an interactive Gantt Chart

Orangescrum enterprise open sourceexecutive dashboard feature Real-time insights of team's work in terms of projects, costs, time, resources and overall operational statistics. Executive dashboard add-on tracks your key project metrics.

Real-Time Executive Reports and Dashboard

Real-time insights of team's work in terms of projects, costs, time,
resource & overall operational statistics

With Orangescrum open source enterprise Bug and Issue Tracker one can identify, track and fix bugs to ship quality software. Collaborative bug fixing for faster resolution. Make your projects profitable by reducing time spent on bug and issue management.

Simple yet Powerful Issue Tracking

Identify, track and fix bugs to ship quality software faster


Invoicing Made Easy

Create, Save and Send customized invoice directly from Orangescrum

Orangescrum Open Source Enterprise Workflow Management feature helps you defining custom task statuses for your projects to improve task execution cycle. It provides a better understanding of your business process and motivate team members to contribute more.

Task Status Group

Define Custom Task Statuses for your projects to improve
task execution cycle


Expense Management

Track and generate all your project and non-project expense reports with well-defined expense categories

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