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Enterprise On-Premise

Make every employee Faster, Smarter, and more Productive

All-in-one collaborative platform to centrally manage your
business processes, teams, projects, finances and boost productivity.

Loved by over
thousands of teams

Loved by over thousands of teams

We enable businesses of all sizes to deliver projects on time,
within budget, and with confidence

OrangeScrum Enterprise Open Source project management solution ensures high grade security of your projects, and sensitive information. Our experienced technical support guarantees fast set-up in your own infrastructure. Get reliable high priority support 24x7 from our expert engineers about running OrangeScrum.
Manage Project Portfolios
Manage Project Portfolios
Customize Business Workflow
Customize Business Workflow
Utilize Resources Efficiently
Utilize Resources Efficiently

Why Enterprise On-Premise?

Built on top of OrangeScrum Open Source, OrangeScrum Enterprise includes premium features, enabling growing organizations to manage increasingly complex business requirements. With a highly customizable and responsive platform we make sure that all your business-critical requirements are covered in one centralized solution.
  • On-Premise Installation
  • 100% Data Ownership
  • High security - LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Unlimited Users & Projects
  • 24x7 Priority & SLA Based Support
  • 24x7 Online Help (Helpdesk, Forums, & User Manuals)
  • Mobile Enabled Project Management (iOS & Android)
  • Premium Project Management Features
  • Open for Customization

Organize your Enterprise with all your Work
Management Apps in one place

Enterprise On-Premise Features

  • Project Planning

    With detailed segmentation of complex projects and clear allocation of responsibilities and tasks, OrangeScrum facilitates the much need impeccable planning, team collaboration and execution for your project success.

    Project Planning
  • Schedule Management

    Motivate your team with clarity on project progress. Well defined task timelines and highly visual project schedules prevents unwanted delays and keeps the teams in sync.

    Schedule Management
  • Time & Resource Management

    Make realistic assumptions about resource availability and deadlines to achieve quality results. Automatically track time spent by each resource and identify key improvement areas. With advanced Time and Resource Management, we give you optimum clearity on resource utilization, workload, and schedules.

    Time & Resource Management
  • Executive Report & Dashboard

    Interactive & Intelligent dashboard to track your key project metrics - budget, timelines, and resource utilization in real time. With our strategic project insights you can re-prioritize and re-order your projects and tasks.

    Executive Report & Dashboard
  • Budget & Expense Management

    Now tracking project and non-project expenses is just a click away. Choose from among "155 Currencies" for your Global Teams and Clientele. OrangeScrum Enterprise enables you to map budget and expenses to projects and clients, and allows you to create accurate invoices effortlessly.

    Budget & Expense Management
  • Bug & Issue Tracking

    Simplify every step of tracking issues and give a structure to how issues are handled to keep your projects on track. With an exclusive bug tracking solution, all project issues are answered not in hours or days, but in minutes, allowing your project management team to deliver bug free quality products and services.

    Bug & Issue Tracking
  • Google & Dropbox Integration

    Add files to your tasks from your Google Drive and DropBox.

    Google & Dropbox Integration
  • Document & Wiki Knowledge Management

    Link, track and manage all project documentation in a well-organized manner centrally with custom Approvals. Create & maintain easy to access and up to date knowledge base of project and non-project information for collaboration across teams.

    Document & Wiki Knowledge Management
  • In-App Chat

    Communication is their single greatest asset. With real-time group and private chat ensure clrear communication across the organization and share images, and documents anytime to maintain transparency.

    In-App Chat

Pay $6,836 Once For Life and Get Benefits of All Enterprise Features

  • OrangeScrum Dashboard
  • OrangeScrum Ganttchart
  • OrangeScrum Dashboard
  • OrangeScrum Timelog Gold

Orangescrum Professional Services

Install in your premises
Install in your premises

Professional installation and setup support
Professional installation and setup support

User onboarding and Training
User onboarding and Training

Data migration
Data migration

Build your own Orangescrum
Build your own Orangescrum

Active google group forum
Active google group forum



Help and Support
Help and Support

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  • How can OrangeScrum improve the efficiency of my business?
  • OrangeScrum is an all-in-one Project Portfolio Management and Collaboration tool that saves you from:

    Lack of real time granular visibility of strategic initiatives

    Uncoordinated, Unplanned and Silo execution approach

    Unavailability of analytical data driven platform

    Inadequate project-task-deliverable-resource mapping

    Lack of clarity around business/executive deliverables/directives

    Unavailability of single collaborative platform

    Lack of transparent employee feedback and engagement practices

    Administrative delays

  • How can we do better with OrangeScrum?
  • With Orangescrum at your side, your objectives for effective planning, timely execution and realization of strategic initiatives are easily met. Orangescrum is a highly flexible and scalable platform making it a natural partner for organizations aiming to achieve

    Centralized collaboration among workforce, stakeholders and clients

    Quicker & accurate decision making driven by real-time granular data

    Single view of your project portfolio and its performance

    Unbridled clarity around business directives and organization goals

    Last mile integration of team(s) goals with that of the organization

    Highly motivated and productivity oriented workforce

    Real time monitoring of key deliverables and milestones

    Highly coordinated project planning and execution

    Improved and automated clutter free communication

    Well defined employee performance management and engagement

    Data driven and analytical approach

  • Is OrangeScrum scalable?
  • OrangeScrum Enterprise is suited for Unlimited Users and enables collaborations for teams of ALL sizes. It stays in sync with your business and team's growth.
  • Is OrangeScrum customizable?
  • We have covered as many practical aspects of project management as possible. However, we understand every business has its own specific needs. And this why we also encourage custom development for a highly personalized experience. Please reach us at support@orangescrum.com with your ideas & requirements.
  • Who will handle the implementation process of OrangeScrum?
  • Our proven Professional Installation Service is part of the Orangescrum Enterprise. Blessed with a global clientele, we have dedicated team of Orangescrum Experts who perform end to end implementation within a matter of hours once we have the full access to your server. They make sure you are onboard and ready to take-off!
  • How smooth will the data migration be with OrangeScrum?
  • Data Migration within Orangescrum editions is taken care by the inbuilt Import/Export functionality via CSV. Migration from other project management software can also be achieved by this functionality. However at times there might be complexities and we recommend you ask our experts for our Data Migration Service to import your data into Orangescrum.
  • Does OrangeScrum provide an API for integrating 3rd party apps?
  • Absolutely! In our endeavor to ensure Orangescrum blends well with your existing toolset we provide a Rest API that enables you to integrate, access & communicate with orangescrum from any 3rd party apps.
  • How easy is it to import and export data to and from OrangeScrum?
  • You can directly import and export the data to and from Orangescrum in a CSV format.

    Please navigate to the setting and click on import & export option.

    Select your project to which you want to import the data. Choose the particular file and click on import.

    To export the data, click on the 'Export' option. Select the project, the details you would like to export and click on Export CSV.

    (1) Make sure to select 'All' from the project drop down in order to import or export multiple projects
    (2) Make sure the file you want to upload should have similar columns as in Sample CSV file. Please visit the file by navigating to settings > import and export.
    (3) Before uploading the file, make sure you have created the project and added the respective users to the project previously.
  • Are there any consulting hours available as part of OrangeScrum package/pricing?
  • Our Enterprise Promoters get a dedicated account manager for direct and quick access to Orangescrum Support. We provide quick support over live chat, skype and remote troubleshooting and email based on the severity of your issue. We do not like to keep our customers waiting and hence our response times are within minutes during the business hours.
  • What will it cost if OrangeScrum sends a technician on-site to solve a problem concerning our business?
  • Given the nature of our product and service an on-site visit isn't necessary. One of the perks of being in the technology space, All support, fixes or resolution can be easily provided over remote connection apps such as skype, team viewer and anydesk access.
  • What are the minimum hardware requirements to install, implement, and run OrangeScrum on a server?
  • Hardware:

    RAM: minimum 4-6 GB

    Processor: Core2duo or Higher

    OS: Windows/Linux/Mac

    Disk Space: 30 GB or Higher


    Apache 2.2 or 2.4

    MySql: 5.5

    PHP >= 5.4 and PHP <= 5.6 (best choice is 5.5)


    cURL (enabled)

  • Does OrangeScrum charge per location or per terminal?
  • You are allowed to have Orangescrum running on a single production instance. E.g. you cannot have 2 copies of Orangescrum running on a single server for 2 different organization or business units.
  • Is there any startup or maintenance fee involved?
  • The only startup cost involved is the cost of your Enterprise Edition. OrangeScrum offers a 1 year Perpetual License which includes free updates and support for 1 Year. You can renew support by paying 50 % of the cost of the Enterprise Edition in order to continue to receive code upgrades, bug fixes and enhancements if any.
  • Is OrangeScrum easy to use?
  • Orangescrum provides simple yet interactive UI with easy to understand terminologies. This makes OrangeScrum easy to use. To add to that we have detailed feature tutorial videos and easy to follow user manuals that help answer all your queries. If not, knock us at support@orangescrum.com for prompt responses.
  • How much training is required to get your team up to speed with OrangeScrum?
  • Most of our customers have reported an adoption time ranging from a couple of days to a maximum of 1 week depending on the size of the teams.
  • How often is OrangeScrum updated?
  • Our product team works constantly to deliver the best user experience to our clients and stakeholders. We constantly make enhancements and add new features as suitable based on continuous feedback from our users and testing teams. The updates remain free for 1 year from the purchase. From second year, it costs 50% of the Enterprise cost
  • Who will answer our calls if/when there is an issue with OrangeScrum performance?
  • You can reach us over live chat. One of our consultants will be there to help you out. You can also email us at support@orangescrum.com