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Bank Sinarmas is a leading bank and financial institution of Indonesia.

Given the sheer volume of its operations and customer base, they have a very large and complex IT infrastructure footprint with lots of banking, trading, employee management, ERP and financial management applications.

They also have a fairly large IT management team with multiple in-flight projects running simultaneously.

There was a growing and urgent need for a robust agile project management software to better project execution, track risks & issues to resolution, monitor resource utilization & productivity and overall visibility at an enterprise level for their executive leadership team.

Bank Sinarmas Objective


Managing a large and complex infrastructure became increasingly difficult over time and their existing platform did not offer comprehensive project management capabilities.

There were multiple stand-alone tools that added to the complexity and efforts in synchronizing work across teams and meeting the organization's reporting requirements.

Daniel Lim, IT Advisor, PT Bank Sinarmas, Says their crucial challenges were

  • Proper implementation and enablement of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes.
  • Adopting and maturing the Agile Scrum Project Management methodology
  • Providing a single dashboard of project health, open action items, risks, project progress and financial status to the management
  • Obtaining management focus and support on critical project issues
  • Ability to track and monitor projects at a portfolio level across departments
  • Simplifying overall project reporting
  • Implementation of project management best practices across Bank Sinarmas
Bank Sinarmas Troubles


Bank Sinarmas needed a tool with

  • Agile scrum and waterfall methodologies
  • Portfolio management dashboard for real time visibility and without manual efforts
  • Well defined custom user roles and permissions to prevent distraction for its users
  • Bug and Issue tracking and reports
  • Risk identification, prioritization and tracking
  • Robust document management to centrally manage their project documentation
  • Collaboration with their vendors and service providers

To start with, they chose Orangescrum Open Source Enterprise edition for all their project management needs. The primary reason being its simplicity and ease of use that had a very minimal adoption time for their teams.

In addition, the agile methodology with intuitive Kanban boards was a huge plus in conducting efficient and quick project status meetings.

Over a period of 3 months, Bank Sinarmas team had a solid project management process in place with streamlined execution and timely completion of tasks.

Their overall project delivery improved and the stakeholders now had visibility to end to end portfolio performance and progress in real time.

Bank Sinarmas Solution


After implementing Orangescrum, we were able to efficiently track projects and provide management with a dashboard view of all projects. It also allowed the project team involved to collaborate seamlessly and eliminated confusion to a great extent.
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim IT Advisor, PT Bank Sinarmas
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