Key Advantages of Using Open Source Software

Open-source software refers to a program or application with the source code that is accessible by any user.

Using open-source software, in addition to being extremely cost-effective, provides some significant advantages over paid alternatives.

With traditional paid software companies, the strategy has been referred to as “security through obscurity,” meaning that since with paid software the code is not openly available they believe it to be secure.

So, as an alternative open source software has received more popularity and is used by every organization from startup to enterprise .

 We have listed the most common advantages of open-source software in the below-mentioned infographics.

Key Advantages of Using Open Source Software


The developer community doesn’t like to be bogged by licenses and hence the steep rise in open source software adoption. Orangescrum is one of the most well-known software in the open-source project management world.

Orangescrum Open source version is amongst the most popular Open source project management software

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