OrangeScrum Open Source Update: Free PHPMailer Add-on is now available for SMTP Configuration

OrangeScrum Open Source Update: Free PHPMailer Add-on is now available for SMTP Configuration

­Hello OrangeScrumers! A good news for all our Open Source users. We have released a new PHPMailer add-on to simplify your SMTP configuration further.

Email notification is an important feature for any product. From user invites to email reports or any actions within the tool must be notified to users/admins or the owner of the tool.

But to send and receive email notifications, the application needs proper SMTP configuration. OrangeScrum, the Open Source Project Management tool also needs SMTP configuration to send email notifications.

In addition to our earlier SMTP configuration method, we have released the PHPMailer function to configure SMTP in OrangeScrum. This PHPMailer is available as an add-on in our Marketplace. This is completely free and can be used by both existing and new users.

What is PHPMailer?

PHPMailer is a class library for PHP that provides a collection of functions to build and send email messages. PHPMailer supports several ways of sending an email with SMTP server or without SMTP server. You can use any feature of SMTP-based email, multiple recipients, via to, CC, BCC, etc. In short: PHPMailer is an efficient way to send the email within PHP.

Here is the instruction to a successful PHP Mailer configuration:

  1. Download the PHPMailer Add-on package from Marketplace.
  2. Once you download, follow the installation steps mentioned below to install the add-on.


  1. You can see the Email Setting option in the Settings, and there you can configure the SMTP for OrangeScrum.
  2. Remember password is saved in encrypted form in the database.
  3. If you use PHPMailer Add-on, OrangeScrum owner must fill all the information correctly. Without it you can’t invite users and send email notifications from OrangeScrum.

Installation Procedure

For Existing Customer (without add-ons)

  1. Make sure to keep a backup of your existing “app” folder of your current working directory.
  2. Please download the latest code from below from (
  3. Extract the zip file ( to your desktop.
  4. Remove the existing “app” folder from your working directory then copy and paste the extracted “app” folder inside “orangescrum-master” to your working directory.
  5. If you are using local machine as storage (excluding Amazon S3), please follow the below steps:
  • Find the folder named “files” inside the “app/webroot” folder from the back up app folder.
  • Copy all the files and folders inside “files” and paste/replace inside the current (latest) “app/webroot/files” folder.
  1. Give write permission to “app/Config”, “app/tmp”, “app/Plugin” and “app/webroot” folders.

For Example:-

chmod -R 777 app/Config

chmod -R 777 app/tmp

chmod -R 777 app/Plugin

chmod -R 777 app/webroot

  1. Import the “addon.sql” files from the extracted files to your current database.
  2. Do necessary changes to “constants.php” and “database.php” inside “app/Config” folder again as you have done earlier. For Example SMTP email credentials in constants.php and database credentials in database.php.
  3. Run your website once.

Ex. http://localhost/orangescrum (if you are using localhost) (if you are using IP) (if you are using any valid domain)

  Note: if you are facing any issue or seeing any blank page after doing all the above steps, then just do the following once.

  • Replace “Configure::write(‘debug’,0);” with “Configure::write(‘debug’,2);” in the app/Config/core.php. Run the web url once and restore the debug value to 0 again.


For New Users

Use below URL to install the basic code of OrangeScrum.

PHPMailer Add-on Installation Steps:

  1. Download the Add-on zip file.
  2. Place the downloaded zip file (Ex. in the “app/webroot” folder.
  3. Log in to the application.
  4. To install the add-on (Ex. Php Mailer add-on) run below link once and follow the instructions.

Ex. http://…./install/phpmailer (for Php Mailer add-on)

Note: If you don’t want use phpmailer add-on please run below query

UPDATE `addons` SET `isactive` = ‘0’ WHERE `addons`.`id` = 1;

           If you want use php mailer add-on please run below query

                UPDATE `addons` SET `isactive` = ‘1’ WHERE `addons`.`id` = 1;

For Add-on Users:

If you have installed add-ons & interested for PHPMailer add-on, then kindly contact us for the updated package with PHPMailer add-on.

We hope you liked our new add-on PHPMailer & useful for your SMTP configuration. Share your feedback, queries below in comment section. We’re listening!

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