Efficient Project Management with Orangescrum Add ons (Infographic)

Efficient Project Management with Orangescrum Add ons

Every time we have to manage projects, we look for a project management solution as integrated as possible. But we do not find everything we need to battle our people, process and technology hazards.

We are offered no choices when it comes to combat and steer our way through one or more or all of the following hazards:

  • Failure to complete projects within budget and time
  • Juggle between multiple apps for managing projects and business processes
  • Struggle to manage/update our Teams, Clients and Customers and keep them  in-sync
  • Unable to track Resource Utilization
  • Unable to keep track of billable/non-billable hours and invoice them correctly
  • Drown under monotonous, time & effort intensive repetitive work
  • Numerous reminders to get timely Daily Updates from our geographically dispersed teams

Orangescrum has taken some conscious measures to provide all of us with best of all worlds as much as possible.

When you download & install Orangescrum Open Source, you get basic task management, project management, email notification, user management, daily catch up, Milestones, Kanban view features. 

And there are a slew of premium features that answer and save us from the identified perennial problems.

Let us take a quick look at the infographic that shows us HOW??

Orangescrum add-on

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Now that you are equipped to take an informed decision to why not solve your pressing problems immediately with these add-ons?

Orangescrum Demo


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