More Time Tracking features than you think

Time & Resource Management is easier than you think

Plan projects & tasks better with clarity on resource availability

Instant Availability of my resources & teams
Transparent management of billable and non-billable hours
Clarity on resource utilization for better project and task planning
Team leave planning, overloaded,booked and available calendar view
Automated Time Log reminders for accurate Time Tracking
Prevent loss of revenue from untracked or unbilled time
Ability to identify tasks, tasks types that consume maximum time
Easily track, manage and plan your extended teams' work & payments
Absolute control over your extended teams' time spend and utilization

Plan Projects and Tasks with Benefits

  • Set clear objectives while allocating resources with transparency on workload and availability.
  • Create a professional image of your company by always keeping track of who is working on it.
  • Improve task estimates and provide clients with accurate estimates for similar tasks.
  • Planning and approval of leave made simple to keep a clear picture on available resources.
  • Bill your clients with accurate Project hours spent by each resource

Supported Platforms

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    Installation & Support

    What You Need

    • Apache with 'mod_rewrite'
    • Enable curl in php.ini
    • Change the 'post_max_size' and 'upload_max_filesize' to 200Mb in php.ini
      • PHP 5.5 or 5.6
      • MySQL 5.6
      • If STRICT mode is On, turn it Off.

    Installation Steps

    Add-on installer installation:-
    • Make sure to keep a backup of your existing "app" folder of your current working directory
    • Extract the zip file( to your desktop.
    • Remove the existing "app" folder from your working directory then copy and paste the extracted "app" folder inside "AddonInstaller-V1.0" to your working directory
    • If you are using local machine as storage (excluding Amazon S3), please replace the folder, named "files" inside the "app/webroot" folder from the back up to the current "app/webroot" folder
    • Give write permission to "app/Config", "app/tmp", "app/Plugin" and "app/webroot" folders
    • Import the "installer.sql" files from the extracted files to your current database. If you have already imported installer.sql before then no need to import it again. Only exception is if you are finding any new version of installer.sql then import to your current database
    • Do necessary changes to "constants.php" and "database.php" inside "app/Config" folder again as you have done earlier. For Example SMTP email credentials in constants.php and database credentials in database.php.
    • Run your website once. Ex.
      • http://localhost/orangescrum (if you are using localhost)
      • (if you are using IP)
      • (if you are using any valid domain)
      • Note: if you are facing any issue or seeing any blank page after doing all the above steps, then just do the following once.
    • Replace "Configure::write('debug',0);" with "Configure::write('debug',2);" in the app/Config/core.php. Run the web URL once and restore the debug value to 0 again. i.e. Configure::write('debug',0);
    Congratulations !!
    Add-on Installation:-
    • Download the Add-on zip file.
    • Place the downloaded zip file(Ex. in the "app/webroot" folder.
    • Log in to the application.
    • To install the add-on (Ex. Time Log Gold add-on) run below link once and follow the instructions. Ex. http://..../install/timeloggold (for Time Log Gold add-on)


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