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Important Massage to our Open-source, Enterprise & Add-on Users We discontinued the Add-on Selling from Nov 1, 2021 and the Add-on Support will be discontinued from Feb, 2022. Any user want to use our On-Premise Solution are recommended to migrate into Orangescrum Self-Hosted plan. Contact our support team for more details.


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  • Your teams have better understanding of your business processes
  • Your teams are motivated and willing to contribute more
  • Your team becomes more productive and efficient fuelling business growth
  • Your tasks do not miss a step and hence you improve the quality of your deliverable
  • You reduce execution cycle with timely reviews and approvals
  • You are able to define the workflow your organisation/business needs
  • You and your team have more clarity of the tasks at hand
  • You achieve more and more timely business outcomes
  • You achieve better control over your task flow and hence your projects

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms


  • 1. Can I create custom task status?

    You can use this add-on to create custom task statuses for your workflow.

  • 2. Can I create my workflow with Task status group add-on?

    Yes, with this add-on you can create your workflow as per your requirement for different projects.

  • 3. How can I add the task status group to my project?

    If the project is new & no task is in it, then you can add the task status group in your project. On the create project pop-up, select one status group I the workflow field.

  • 4. Why I am unable to add my task status group to my project?

    It is because you have tasks in the project on which you have used the default task status group.

  • 5. What is % in task status group?

    It is the weightage of your status. If you have given 60% to your status to “Resolve” that means your task progress is in 60% considering the status of your task. Once you update the status to "Resolve", you can see the status progress automatically changed to 60%.

  • 6. Is there any support for installation?

    Yes, we can guide you in case you face any issues with installation. Please send us an email with email id of the buyer to, one of our consultants will reply back to you within 1 business day.

  • 7. Can I refund or exchange the add-on?

    Once you purchased the add-on, we can't refund or exchange the add-on with any other add-on. We recommend you to try the demo before you buy any add-on.

  • 8. Can you customize my Task Status Group add-on?

    Yes, we can. Please send us your requirements to

  • 9. What payment modes do you accept?

    Orangescrum uses Braintree for payments and we do not store any of your credit card information. We accept payments through all major credit card services (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc). If you’d like to pay via PayPal or be invoiced and pay by wire transfer, please email us at

  • 10. How can I get the add-on update?

    Orangescrum sends an email with the update files to your registered email. Free add-on update & support is provided for the first year. Thereafter, you can pay 50% of the add-on license price to get the updates. However, without any update, you can still use Orangescrum without any restriction. For ex. if you buy the add-on at $100 on Jan 5, 2019, you can get free updates till Jan 4, 2020. After Jan 4, 2020, you can pay $50 to get the updates. Let's say, you didn't opt for the updates in 2020, and you wanted the update on March 20, 2021, then you can pay only $50 for the add-on update. You can reach or our live chat for further clarification.

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