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Plan Projects and Tasks with Benefits
  • Centralized platform for end to end expense tracking
  • Know where my company is spending money
  • Control over team's business expenses
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  • 1. Can I track my project expenses here?

    First select a project and then navigate to expense. While creating the expense, select “Project Expense” and Submit for Approval.

  • 2. Can I generate the total expense report for a project?

    Yes, you can generate an expense report for any project. Go to Expense and select all expense. Click on Export Expense with PDF or Excel to get your report.

  • 3. Who can add an expense in my account?

    Any user can add project and non-project expense. But it will show only to the user and the assigned approver. But Non-project expenses can be seen by all user.

  • 4. How expense approval works?

    Owner and Admin can add approver to their projects. A user can create and submit an expense to his higher authority (approver) to approve his/her project or non-project expense. Until unless it is approved by the immediate authority it can’t be viewed by the higher authority. Higher the number, higher the authority level of approver. For example, if you have 5 approvers, then approver level 1 means he is the lowest authority of your company. Level 5 is the highest or top authority of your company.

  • 5. Where Can I try the demo of Expense Management Add-on?

    You can check the at http://newui.orangescrum.org or you can schedule a demo here https://calendly.com/priyankagarwal/15min or send us an email to support@orangescrum.com.

  • 6. Is there any support for installation?

    Absolutely! We have detailed user manuals and installation guide along with videos for you to refer. If you still need additional help, you can opt for our paid One-Time Installation & Setup Support for $199.

  • 7. Can I refund or exchange the add-on?

    Once you have made an add-on purchase, we can't refund or exchange the add-on with any other add-on. We recommend you to try the demo before you buy any add-on.

  • 8. Can you customize my Expense Management add-on?

    Yes, we can. Please send us your requirements to support@orangescrum.com.

  • 9. What payment modes do you accept?

    Orangescrum uses Braintree for payments and we do not store any of your credit card information. We accept payments through all major credit card services (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc). If you’d like to pay via PayPal or be invoiced and pay by wire transfer, please email us at support@orangescrum.com.

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