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Important Massage to our Open-source, Enterprise & Add-on Users We discontinued the Add-on Selling from Nov 1, 2021 and the Add-on Support will be discontinued from Feb, 2022. Any user want to use our On-Premise Solution are recommended to migrate into Orangescrum Self-Hosted plan. Contact our support team for more details.


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  • Great visibility and insight
  • Real-time project performance monitoring
  • Time savings
  • Plan Vs Implementation and Execution Results
  • Increases Productivity, effectiveness and quality of work

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms


  • 1. Can I monitor All Projects date at one place?

    With Executive Dashboard Add-on, you can monitor all projects at one place with real time information of each tasks, resources.

  • 2. Can I add my customer details?

    You can define your customer information while creating a project. You can see the project metrics for that client in Dashboard.

  • 3. Can I define the cost and budget for a project?

    Yes, you can define the cost and budget for a project. With project progress you can track the actual cost vs budget report of the project in Dashboard.

  • 4. Can I track the actual cost vs Budget?

    In Dashboard, you can see the RAG Status and Cost report.

  • 5. What is RAG Status?

    RAG Status – Time and Cost: Red Amber Green status indicates the project health in terms of time and cost. RAG Time Status - The status on any given day is calculated by dividing the estimated hours / total actual spent hours as recorded against tasks that were worked upon. Project Start Date Project Estimated Hours Project Duration is calculated based on the estimated hours, work hours per day (Project Estimated hour/Project Duration) and the start date. Also in the Project details page you can define the minimum and maximum allowed deviation. Once defined the Red, Amber and Green statuses are calculated accordingly. This also applies for the RAG Cost Status. RAG Cost Status – is derived based on the following parameters Rate per Day – Total Cost*/Project Duration *Total cost is taken from the Budget or the Cost Approved field. Where the Cost Approved field is empty the Budget is taken as the total cost of the project. Rate per Hour – Rate per day/ Work hour per day (Project Estimated hour/Project Duration) So, for any given day, the RAG Cost Status becomes – Rate per hour * Actual spent hours as of today Here too, the Red, Amber, Green is accorded based on the “minimum and maximum allowed deviation” as defined in the project details page during project creation.

  • 6. Where Can I try the demo of Executive Dashboard Add-on?

    Please send an email to, we will take it from there.

  • 7. Is there any support for installation?

    Absolutely! We have detailed user manuals and installation guide along with videos for you to refer. If you still need additional help, you can opt for our paid One-Time Installation & Setup Support for $199.

  • 8. Can I refund or exchange the add-on?

    Once you have made an add-on purchase, we can't refund or exchange the add-on with any other add-on. We recommend you to try the demo before you buy any add-on.

  • 9. Can you customize my Executive Dashboard add-on?

    Yes, we can. Please send us your requirements to

  • 10. What payment modes do you accept?

    Orangescrum uses Braintree for payments and we do not store any of your credit card information. We accept payments through all major credit card services (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc). If you’d like to pay via PayPal or be invoiced and pay by wire transfer, please email us at

  • 11. How can I get the add-on update?

    Orangescrum sends an email with the update files to your registered email. Free add-on update & support is provided for the first year. Thereafter, you can pay 50% of the add-on license price to get the updates. However, without any update, you can still use Orangescrum without any restriction. For ex. if you buy the add-on at $100 on Jan 5, 2019, you can get free updates till Jan 4, 2020. After Jan 4, 2020, you can pay $50 to get the updates. Let's say, you didn't opt for the updates in 2020, and you wanted the update on March 20, 2021, then you can pay only $50 for the add-on update. You can reach or our live chat for further clarification.

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