Since Orangescrum adoption, all departments are more uniformed, teams are working more effectively and it's easier to track progress. Greater team collaboration, enhanced visibility to project status due to the newExecutive Dashboard add-on.

Nitsa Objective


The biggest challenge was the change of office culture whereby staff were working off their emails. This was neither an efficient nor effective way of working.

The other problems faced was ensuring everyones tasks were included.

Before Orangescrum all staff members were working off emails. Matters were being forgotten or work not produced on time as they would only work if someone prompted them by email. They also used to holding untold lists which was very time wasting and created a lot of confusion.

Nitsa Troubles


Cost was a factor but the biggest factor was the customer service from the time we visited your website till implementation and still ongoing.

Orangescrum's attention to product requests and questions is outstanding. There are many features (including subtasks and printable gantt charts) which have been exciting and very helpful features for our clients.

Orangescrum support is one of the best you will see. As soon as we suggested some enhancement, they were able to implement it in quick time. This gave us the confidence that for any kind of enhancement we have, Orangescrum team will get it done.

Nitsa Solution


Simpler UI helped us to do tasks quickly.
People are now accountable for their work and staff involved in projects are able to see the bigger picture of everyone involved.
Nitsa Panayi
Nitsa Panayi Head of Sales and Marketing Cyprus
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