Success story

Being able to be transparent with the client keeps them happy and
the communication smooth

Khululekani | Director | Thebe Media Solutions

Problems They Encountered

Lack of ability to plan and focus on deliverables, always chasing up team members for an update and not knowing what and how much resources are required were my major concerns.

Their Story to Success

With orangescrum we are now able to see what everyone is working on and any deviation will be flagged instantly before too much time is spent on the project

Q & A

How did Orangescrum help?

Time tracker made it easier for team members to log time spend on project deliverables, track their utilization and be more agile in resource mapping for projects leading to better grip on profitability of my organization.

“ By having a central tool for managing both my clients and project and also the ability to streamline business processes to match the goals of the company and deliver within budget and timelines, is the best thing a company can do. „


Thebe Media Solutions

OrangeScrum team helped us in setting up the solution and helping understand the features which made the transition and adoption way easier. We had not anticipated it!

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Thebe Media Solutions Director, South Africa