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Community version 1.8.0 feature enhancements/updates

Released on : 14 January, 2020

Base code version 1.8.0 feature enhancements/updates

1. Unable to Save a new Task Template issue fixing
2. Headers already sent warning fixes
3. "Table add-ons for model add-on were not found in data source default" issue fixes
4. Invalid command ‘Header’ issue fixing
5. Remove username from the top header bar
6. Remove the checkbox from Add user popup when no users are in the list
7. Create task page layout changes
8. Design changes for my dashboard pop up.
9. The validation message made consistent throughout the application.
10. Create a milestone button blink issue fixes while changing the list view or grid view
11. Loader not removed after adding users issue fixes
12. Deprecation issue fixes and security patches
13. Email Notification off on button design changes
14. Issue fixes in the add user to project popup
15. Icon colors are not prominent in a new dropdown
16. Filter box design changes after individual filters applied
17. Deprecated warning message fixes in the footer, to-dos, task list, login form
18. Base code invite user functionality removed, owner/admin can directly add users with email id and password

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