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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orangescrum Opensource?

Orangescrum is the On-Premise project management software that comes with both cloud and open source editions. Within the open source edition, Orangescrum provides the free base-code to host at the user-end server.

Is there any hidden price included in the Open Source Edition?

Absolutely NO. There is no hidden price for using the Orangescrum open source edition.

What is Orangescrum Open source Edition vs Cloud Edition?

In Open source edition Orangescrum provides the free base-code to host at the user-end server. It is licence free whereas the cloud edition comes with a subscription-based package.

What is Orangescrum Cloud Free Edition?

Orangescrum also comes with a free-forever plan that allows 3 users to run this project management tool with some pre-allocated popular features.

What is 30-days Money-back Guarantee?

This is available for cloud edition. In case if users are not satisfied with the result in the first 30 days of its use, Orangescrum prived 100% money back guarantee.

What is the data security policy in Open source edition?

As users upload the base conde at their server, there will be no risk of a data breach with this edition. Users can contact our sales for more details.

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