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IPNeet is a leading Intellectual Property rights management firm in India. Given the niche industry, data privacy and confidentiality were their main concerns when it came to their projects.

Along with, time tracking and invoicing accurately was an uphill task given their current manual and highly error prone processes.

They wanted a simple and easy to use tool that would help them with

IPNeet Objective


As Bala M, Lead IP Consultant, puts it -

We used MS Excel for managing time log and MS word to export our invoices and send them to clients. To give a rough estimate – around 7 to 8 manual intensive hours were spent in a week just to prepare, estimate, structure, align, make a copy and draft the Invoice to the customers.

Plus, there was extra time spent on tracking and reconciling billable time and cross-verifying it with each resource. So in a sentence - it was complete chaos!

IPNeet Troubles


The timelog and task management features proved helpful in managing their projects and accurate invoicing to their clients.

In Bala's words - The Invoice Pro add-on is heavenly boon, which reduced most of our work! We used MS Excel for managing time log, now, we don't!

We use Orangescrum Time Log Gold add-on for time and resource management. We no more use MS word to export our invoices. We do it in a click :)

I have also tried all other software's provided by the hit-list of google. However, I feel that Orangescrum is user-friendly and mostly, easy! The challenge, pain point and problem we faced was in - maintaining the workflow and invoicing the customers. Orangescrum helped to neutralize this to zero making it structured and easy.

IPNeet Solution


Simpler UI helped us to do tasks quickly.
Orangescrum replaced our complex excel time log to a simple web log, and further, the invoice generation facility reduces most of the work of managers!
Bala Murugan L
Bala Murugan L Patent Consultant
IP Firm, India
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