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HPF GmbH specializes in hardware and software for process automation in the chemical, industrial, communication and automotive industries. It's SPIDER network "Simplified Platform Independent Data Exchange Relay network".

HPF GmbH help enterprises with a highly flexible and easy communication platform and comfortable fieldbus interfaces via TCP/IP for their automation projects.

Christian Pohl, Chief Product Manager, Automation Software, describes his objective to have an organized project management, depending on the specific customer requirements.

Emails, excel sheets and google docs, worked well enough for our early times where we had only a very low number of concurrent and comparable small projects.

HPF-Gmbh Objective


HPF GmbH suffered a lot from the issue of precise time tracking and
issue tracking. Some of these information continuously got lost putting us in a tight spot. As we grew, the number of projects increased, as well as the requirements for distributed development.

Our old systems weren't capable of catching up with our business growth. We were continuously battling to:

  • Capture accurate time tracking information
  • Manage our development complexities
  • Keep our developers, accountants and managers in sync
  • Track issues for timely resolution and delivery
  • Easily access and use relevant information

To add to it, running multiple clients with multiple projects of each of these clients was an uphill task from the word go.

HPF-Gmbh Troubles


Orangescrum Enterprise was installed within a day to be ready to use. Once, OrangeScrum was up and running, there were instant visible benefits.

"We were happy to have been relieved of manual work and excel sheets."

Orangescrum Enterprise project and portfolio management tool helped to make the project development process transparent for everyone involved.

More so for our customers, as they didn't have to rely on us every time they just want to see the status or check some specific items.

On the other side we benefited from having all project hours tracked in a single system, ready for getting billed accurately.

HPF-Gmbh Solution


Looking for an intuitive and well-structured management interface between our customers and us. We've found OrangeScrum. With its well designed UI it helped us to being transparency to our customer interaction with negligible administration efforts. having one central solution to track and control is a huge benefit for us. The responsive support from OrangeScrum helped us to get started with a day. including installation on our own premises.
Christian Pohl Chief Product Manager Automation Software,
HPF GmbH, Germany
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