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DIAM is a leader in the POS sector as a privileged partner of many of the major international beauty brands in France and in the UK. It is operates in 24 countries today with a team of over 2500 people.

Its services offer developing skills ranging from design to store maintenance, in order to meet the full spectrum of in store needs for brands and retailers worldwide, including their digital requirements.

DIAM wanted to have a central task management and task tracking software so that its retail and creative teams can collaborate for their POS services projects.

DIAM Objective


The multiple interactions that Thomas Aubry, IT Manager, DIAM had with our team had a common recurring theme – lack of a robust task management and task status monitoring platform.

Their purchase, design, sales and IT teams had to shuffle back and forth a lot. They faced consistent challenges with:

  • Task scheduling and interdependencies weren’t clear
  • Task assignments and real time status updates
  • Time tracking for proper monitoring of actual vs planned efforts
  • Building a fool proof project plan involving multi-departments
  • Visibility of resource availability,allocation and utilization
DIAM Troubles


The DIAM team reviewed multiple open source project management tools and wanted an on premise hosting.

The primary movers for Orangescrum being their self-hosted project management tool of choice were:

  • Robust task management and reporting
  • Task reminders, custom labels and subtasks
  • Interactive Kanban board with custom task status that suited their project types
  • Central collaborative platform for their IT, Marketing and Services teams
  • Have predefined project templates for quick use
  • Easy tracking and execution of tasks to successful completion
  • Transparency within the team w.r.t to their due tasks and dependencies for the day

Thomas picked a mix of Orangescrum productive plugins including Executive Dashboard, Time Log Gold, Mobile API, Project Template and Multi-Lingual for their global and diverse team.

DIAM Solution


Orangescrum support was exceptional right from the start through implementation and adoption. Our task execution and monitoring became really easy with comprehensive project management features and easy to follow UI helped us adopt Orangescrum faster.
Thomas Aubry
Thomas Aubry IT Manager, DIAM, FRANCE
Thomas Aubry Testimonials