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Being an IT agency, timely delivery and accurate hourly rate billing is critical to stay competitive and profitable in today’s technology intensive landscape.

The need of the hour was to adopt a project collaboration tool to help them with:

  • Resource allocation, availability and utilization
  • Real-time visibility to actual vs planned hours
  • Accuracy of their billable hours
  • Reduction of non-billable (fringe) activities
  • Better collaboration with in the development teams
Development Agency Objective


As is the case with all IT agencies, they have many projects running at the same time with a lot of tasks depending on each other.

They didn't have a clear overview of their project portfolio & it was further impossible to have a correct time log of resources.

Some of the key challenges highlighted during the due -diligence discussions were -

  • Task linking and dependencies weren’t clear
  • Time tracking by resources was poor
  • Lack of visibility to resource utilization
  • Clear overview of overall project progress
Development Agency Troubles


The Add-On collection is one of the advantages why I choose Orangescrum. They have the right mix of add-ons to meet the variety of project management needs of various industries and sectors coupled with a very responsive support team says Robert Koszorus, IT Manager.

I could successfully complete my tasks and using Orangescrum eliminated my task tracking, resource management and time logging problems. Also, it’s easy to use Gantt Chart provided the required clarity around my task dependencies.

All of the other PM systems almost met my needs, but Orangescrum is the one that is not too complex to use but flexible enough to manage my resources and my tasks

We can now totally concentrate on the tasks and almost don't have to worry about the project, resource and time administration and by this we saved quite a bit of time and money.

In addition to it, Orangescrum added structure to our delivery leading to better client engagement.

My Client's satisfaction has improved since Orangescrum adoption.

Ease your work with the Time Log Gold and Gantt chart add-ons.

Development Agency Solution


Orangescrum is one of the most usable, flexible and interactive of the project management systems I know. Me and my team can easily manage our projects and follow the requirements of each others. We don't have to waste time to administrate because Orangescrum makes it much simplier and you still have all the details you need to overview your progress. Therefore I absolutely can recommend Orangescrum even for small and big companies too
Robert Msipa
Robert Koszorus E.V Development Agency Hungary
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