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Having used Bugzilla, the prime ask from the Cobit teams was to
have a platform that is

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Allows easy & quick collaboration
  • Makes task categorization, assignment and tracking simpler
  • Enables time tracking for their varied tasks
  • Provides invoicing capabilities
  • Partner management with absolute transparency
Rok Objective


Our major chellenge was to manage multiple Projects/multiple clients at the same time. So we needed something more than excel sheets to manage. Somethings which can remove the complexity of managing the development velocity and make things automated

Cobit, recognizes that developing innovative products and solutions calls for a product-centric mind set, as well as higher levels of customer engagement which isn’t easy all the time.

And running multiple clients with multiple projects of each of these clients was an uphill task from the word go.

Rok Troubles


Cobit approaches it customers with a very high partnership Quotient. Business Partner of COBIT get more than just a product: They get a superior Product, Positive energy a team that takes care of the Partner company and supports their development and Progress

As an organization, everyone agreed that we needed a change of platform. This ready acceptance to change eased our transition.

We were able to establish a direct link between our daily operational & management problems and Orangescrum capabilities.

Changes are always associated with costs and risks. Orangescrum offered us the flexibility to choose the features we truly needed which reduced our trial costs and the rapid support via LiveChat and remote access fuelled our confidence further.

The similarity between Orangescrum and Cobit’s partnership approach was also instrumental to our decision.

Rok Solution


With Orangescrum we managed to organise our tasks better within the teams, and with the Time Log & Invoice Pro Add-ons we also have a billing system automated. The technical support was very fast and helpful.
Rok spacapan Marketing and Development Manager,
Cobit, Slovenia
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