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Chesterfield Group is a major offshore trusts, business and property management firm in Cyprus.

It offers services majorly in Offshore Banking, Offshore Companies, Company Formation Offshore, Offshore Trusts and Offshore Accounting services.

Managing client information and tasks across various services for the same client became unmanageable and were missed more often than expected.

The key requirements to further enable their business were

  • Automated task assignment & management
  • Visibility to task progress and task interdependencies
  • Specific workflows catered to their service offerings
  • Cross department collaboration
  • Portfolio management
  • Central repository of all client information
chesterfield Objective


The biggest challenge was the change of office culture whereby staff were working off their emails.

This was neither an efficient nor effective way of working.

The other problem faced was ensuring everyone’s tasks were included.

Lack of visibility to a central task board resulted in duplicity of efforts and missed tasks. The management did not have a clear view of task allocation and progress.

Matters were being forgotten or work not produced on time as resources would only work if someone prompted them by email. They also used to holding untold lists which was very time wasting and created a lot of confusion.

Most importantly, they needed to define specific custom workflows for their service offerings.

Collaboration across departments wasn't optimum and led to delays in billing and invoicing.

chesterfield Troubles


Since Orangescrum adoption, all departments are more uniformed, teams are working more effectively and it's easier to track progress.

Custom task status group helped define relevant task statuses which made is easier to track task progress on a Kanban board.

Greater team collaboration & enhanced visibility to project status on the Executive reports and portfolio dashboard made overall progress of the team more visible.

The most significant benefit observed by Chesterfield management team was:

Orangescrum has helped our organisation become more self-sufficient. There is easy accountability which means tasks get done. Productivity is on the increase, errors on the decrease which all round means, management and clients are happier!

chesterfield Solution


Simpler UI helped us to do tasks quickly.
People are now accountable for their work and staff involved in projects are able to see the bigger picture of everyone involved.
Nitsa Panayi
Nitsa Panayi Head of Sales and Marketing, Cyprus
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