How to convince your boss?

I want a
PM Tool
What are my options?
Let me explore!
I see a lot about Orangescrum!
What is it anyway?
  • Well documented installation guildes

  • Unlimited users,project,Milestones & tasks

  • Kanban views for task and milestone,Dailycatch-up for project and task templates,task types and dashboard

  • Google drive and dropbox integration

  • Aha! there are real people on their chat engine(tawk) and they respond instantaneously to email at - Support Hey bossi look,We are not alone; there is an active community to welcome us!

What did i get in the
free download? How
do i install it?
so far
Ok! Let me download it
and find out for myself
Where are the most sought
after project mgmt.features?
  • All add-ons are licensed at once for life payment for single server install witout reseller and redistribution rights. No limitation on #users.

  • i get email,skype,chat and remote support as needed.

  • I get updates on my purchased
    add-ons for an year

  • All their add-ons have well documented
    User manuals on slideshare

    as well.

Well what about pricing
and support?
  • Customization

  • Dedicated developers

  • Integration and of course

  • My annual maintenance contract

  • I think this is enough of these guys now!

What additional services
can i put for?
Feature Request
I like what i see,but i want to build my own add-on. How do i do that?
Alright i am convinced and i would
like to have a full blown system
Happy Orangescrum'er
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