The Myths of Open-Source Project Management Tool

The Myths of Open-Source Project Management Tool

One of the major differences between a successful project and a failed project is project management abilities. Project management leads to better alignment of projects with your business strategy.

Organizations can easily identify a hike in ROI, and budget performance with some of the best project management software systems.

An open-source project management software solution might be ideal for an organization that is not looking to make immediate investments. 

And they can scale at will when their teams and project management practices are more mature to go full steam ahead!

Open-source technology has made it nearly possible to do so much in literally no time.

Let’s explore the top advantages of open-source PM tools with their agility, cost-effectiveness, security, and more.

Orangescrum open source edition is built to scale with your organization and project needs. Moreover, it is the foundation of your enterprise project management platform.

Start tracking projects with Orangescrum today!


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