Which One Should I Choose: Orangescrum Cloud or Orangescrum Open Source?

Which one should I choose: Orangescrum Cloud or Orangescrum Open Source

Orangescrum as we all know is suited for organizations and teams of any size across industries and verticals alike. And as is the case it comes in 2 most sought after variants:

We have multiple curious onlookers who at times want to use both or have difficulty in identifying which one they should opt for. And then there are the thousands who want to understand in detail the difference between the “identical twins” ?

To begin with, our cloud edition is like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where you can sign up & login and use it anywhere if you’re connected to internet. It is web based and comes with monthly subscription pricing plan. No hosting, no installation!

“Orangescrum simplifies the process of project management for our organization with its power collaboration tools. We couldn’t be happier with Orangescrum!”

Jamie Smith

Director of Marketing Automation, SFCG

Orangescrum open source (Community) edition which is ranked in the Top 5 open source project management tools continuously can be downloaded & hosted on your own server/premises. It comes with source code & basic project and task management capabilities. It is an ideal choice when you want to have an enterprise class tool at less than half the cost.

“Orangescrum replaced our complex excel time log to a simple web log, and further, the invoice generation facility reduces most of the work of managers!.”

Bala Murugan L
Patent Consultant

Let’s see how they both fare and choose the one best suited to you!

Cloud Vs Open source

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